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Mixing it up with Young Agrarians this weekend...

Posted 2/8/2018

Young Agrarians Vancouver Island Winter MixerYoung Agrarians Vancouver Island Winter MixerCome see why YA is so good at mixing business and pleasure....this year's Vancouver Island Winter Mixer promises another round of awesome resources and resourceful people, swapping stories and building skills in business, crop planning, soil health care and more! See you there.

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In the news with the Cowichan Watershed Board...

Posted 1/23/2018

Our neighbour, Nora Arajs, is one of those local heroes who communicates well and focuses her energy and skills on high priority, community engagement projects. Currently, she is with the Cowichan Watershed Board publishing outreach on 'Capture the rain' activities taking place in our valley. Her profile of our efforts here at the farm was featured recently in the Cowichan Citizen:

Green Fire Farm irrigation pondGreen Fire Farm irrigation pond

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Celebrating winter solstice - with our mouths full

Posted 12/20/2017

Yesterday early morning we woke to a blanket of wet snow on the farm.

As we celebrate the light of winter, we are thankful and thoughtful leaning in to the long nights.

From all of us here at Green Fire Farm, Happy Winter Solstice and Seasons Greetings to all!
Bentley the pony & his snowy winter breakfastBentley the pony & his snowy winter breakfast

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Winterizing the farm with cover crops

Posted 10/27/2017

Fall cover crops, carrots, beets, pumpkinsFall cover crops, carrots, beets, pumpkinsHere in the Cowichan Valley, the fall weather patterns have been much easier to work with this year as far as getting cover crops in the ground. The vintage seeder you see in the foreground was a big help for getting cover on the larger areas, and our fantastic farm intern did outstanding work manually seeding fall rye and clover between the rows. I left a small patch of sugar pie pumpkins in this field--likely thinking about the possibility of more pie for second Thanksgiving.

Harvesting the fall carrots and beets this October has also been rewarding, with three new places where people can find our produce added in the last few weeks.

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Winterizing tasks on the farm

Posted 10/23/2017

Several farmers market friends and customers these last few weeks have been asking, "what do you do when the markets are over?", so thought I would add a posting that gives a sense of the winterizing activities outside of harvest-wash-pack time....So, here's a really glamorous picture of our irrigation pump on the tailgate of the truck. I've just removed the pump from the pump house as one part *very important* part of winterizing the irrigation system. Winterizing irrigation system Winterizing irrigation system

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What's on the menu for farm-to- table/ Esquimalt Market today?

Posted 10/12/2017

We are harvesting, washing, and packing this morning for the 'Indoors' Esquimalt Farmers Market this afternoon.

This will be our first market with offerings of freshly cut and wrapped frozen pork this fall, and likely one of our last markets of the year with Sungold tomatoes and Totem strawberries.

Come see us and all the other great vendors, including our neighbor, Daniel/AKA Zed Squared Foods, who makes amazing Kim Chi!


Farm-to-table and certified organic produce from Green Fire FarmFarm-to-table and certified organic produce from Green Fire Farm



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Celebration of the equinox, golden beets trials, and more...

Posted 9/21/2017

Very happy fall equinox to all! Seems this is the week the harvest menu has made an almost complete turn to the rich tastes and textures of the fall season. The golden beets pictured here are part of a multi year, collaborative research project  funded by the Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security, and led in this region by Farm Folk City Folk and the UBC Farm.  After the harvest evaluation yesterday, we harvested and bunched several of the best for our weekly harvest box members. 

We are one of seven participating farm sites trailing golden beets this year, in efforts to learn more about production potential and comparative performance, as well as investing farm field space and our most precious farm resource--time-- to play a small role in helping to build capacity for regional seed production. See previous postings on the BC Seed Trials or head to their website for more info if interested.....
Golden Beets TrialsGolden Beets Trials

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Today's super sweet harvest--end of summer heat?

Posted 9/7/2017

Picked this ear of our first super sweet corn on the way back from the early morning field walk. Looks and tastes (my bite not pictured here) like this will be the peak of our 2017 corn harvest. We will have harnessed the summer heat with what we are bringing to market this afternoon. Temperatures are forecast to drop over the next few days, a possible first turn into the fall season. Our field tasks are already turning towards cover cropping and winterizing clean-ups...more on that in upcoming posts.Green Fire Farm super sweet and certified organic corn!Green Fire Farm super sweet and certified organic corn!

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Following the sun

Posted 8/20/2017

Sunflowers on a Sunday-pre solar eclipse Sunflowers on a Sunday-pre solar eclipse Very last minute before the Sunday farmers market in Cedar, I walked (quickly) out to the fields to harvest some of these 'greenburst' sunflowers. Given all the excitement about tomorrow's solar eclipse, I wondered--what would it look like to see a time lapse of the sunflowers during this cosmic coincidence? That thought was quickly dropped with the reality check that I have no time lapse photographic capability, and gosh-not much time before the market to feed the pigs, get the irrigation cycling, and finish up the market truck packing. I decided that the entire month of August felt a little too close to a 'path of totality' to borrow again, from tomorrow's much anticipated eclipse event.


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2017 Pig shares

Posted 7/21/2017

Large Black pigs under summer shadeLarge Black pigs under summer shadeThe little large blacks as pictured back in a previous posting in May, are more than a little larger now.

Here they are in July, finishing up their Sunday brunch...Though not in so many words, or grunts, they have let us know they are enjoying our oversized cucumbers and zucchini, their fresh rotation field, and today's summer rainfall.

All that to say, we are blessed with happy, healthy pigs and enjoy our time on the farm with them!

You and your family will want to get in touch and secure your 2017 pig share soon. With a $150 deposit, you can enjoy a full freezer of Green Fire Farm pork, cut and wrapped to your specification this fall and winter.

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