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2017 Pig shares

Posted 7/21/2017

Large Black pigs under summer shadeLarge Black pigs under summer shadeThe little large blacks as pictured back in a previous posting in May, are more than a little larger now.

Here they are in July, finishing up their Sunday brunch...Though not in so many words, or grunts, they have let us know they are enjoying our oversized cucumbers and zucchini, their fresh rotation field, and today's summer rainfall.

All that to say, we are blessed with happy, healthy pigs and enjoy our time on the farm with them!

You and your family will want to get in touch and secure your 2017 pig share soon. With a $150 deposit, you can enjoy a full freezer of Green Fire Farm pork, cut and wrapped to your specification this fall and winter.

Send us a request with the completed contact form, and we'll answer any questions you have about the pigs or pork, and let you know if you are in our GFF pork delivery areas. From there, you can send an e-transfer for the pig share deposit and countdown to full freezer time!