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Already equinox?

Posted 9/21/2018

The peak summer harvest season this year will be remembered as an extreme one in terms of hot, dry growing conditions. Great for those memorable melons, Sungold tomatoes, of heat-loving crops generally; definitely challenging in terms of irrigation management and maintaining a safe water level in our dug-out pond.

Just after hosting a Cowichan Ag Society Farm tour in early September, the rain began falling, and falling...That means having a good cover crop to protect the soil for the months of heavy precipitation to come are a top priority.

fava beans under seeded with rye and cloverfava beans under seeded with rye and clover

Thankfully, we have a fairly good range of cover established in our annual vegetables fields at this point. Pictured here is a fall crop of fava beans under seeded with rye and clover. 

We will grill some favas tonight in celebration of the Equinox, and to acknowledge the hard work of our 2018 Green Fire Farm farm interns with a harvest feast!