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Following the sun

Posted 8/20/2017

Sunflowers on a Sunday-pre solar eclipse Sunflowers on a Sunday-pre solar eclipse Very last minute before the Sunday farmers market in Cedar, I walked (quickly) out to the fields to harvest some of these 'greenburst' sunflowers. Given all the excitement about tomorrow's solar eclipse, I wondered--what would it look like to see a time lapse of the sunflowers during this cosmic coincidence? That thought was quickly dropped with the reality check that I have no time lapse photographic capability, and gosh-not much time before the market to feed the pigs, get the irrigation cycling, and finish up the market truck packing. I decided that the entire month of August felt a little too close to a 'path of totality' to borrow again, from tomorrow's much anticipated eclipse event.


By comparing the 'path of totality' in eclipse terms with the way August feels on the farm, my meaning is simply this- we are reaping what we've sown quite literally, the full abundance is on us. What will we make of it?