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Christmas in JULY? Yup, Sungolds are ready!

Posted 7/15/2019

First harvests of the long-awaited Sungold Tomatoes this week! First Sungolds in handFirst Sungolds in hand

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Strawberries, peas, salad turnips, little gem lettuce, and the first taste of summer zucchini!

Posted 6/26/2019

Esquimalt MarketEsquimalt Market

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Sungolds, skipped a few steps....

Posted 6/10/2019

There are so many competing pulls on our farm time from April and into the longest days of June....Here are those Sungolds again, growing their first flowers and budding first fruits! We've pruned and supported these, given them daily attention with watering and nutrient needs, and like you, are watching and waiting for that first taste.Sungold Tomatoes, first flowers and budding fruits 2019!Sungold Tomatoes, first flowers and budding fruits 2019!

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Sungolds, step 2

Posted 4/9/2019

Here are the Sungold tomatoes, step 2.Sungolds step 2Sungolds step 2

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Sungold sprouts and other signs of spring...

Posted 3/26/2019

Welcome to spring! We are a few days into the 12 hours of daylight and counting....yesterday the first seedlings emerged in the greenhouse, and we are pretty excited to see that promise of summer abundance. Sungold tomatoes are a clear favourite in our household and on our market tables. Here they are, bursting forth, without even a true leaf yet to show. 
Sungold and cherry tomato seedlingsSungold and cherry tomato seedlings



These seedlings will need several more weeks in their open flats, and with a few sets of those true leaves on good and strong, we'll carefully move them into individual seedling trays, where their roots will have more space and time to establish. Depending on the spring weather patterns, these little ones will receive daily or twice daily attention in the seedling greenhouse for the first 6-8 weeks of their life cycle. We'll look to balance that right amount of moisture and heat and light and nutrients, before the next steps, which are transplanting the mature seedlings in the high tunnels, or in the prepared field beds. Delayed gratification for sure--once we've transplanted these Sungold beauties, we'll be nurturing them in the ground for almost 60 more days until first harvest.

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