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In a pickle

Posted 7/13/2017

Here they come...ready for your brine jars and best vinegars. The 2017 pickling cucumber harvest at Green Fire Farm is underway! Come see us at the Esquimalt Market on Thursdays or Cedar Market on Sundays to select your favourite sizes and quantity, or pre-order 20 pounds with an email.

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Salad days of summer...

Posted 6/26/2017

Almost a week into summer, and we are moving into a sunny stretch with prime growing conditions for annual vegetables crops. With the irrigation system working at full capacity, we are breathing a few sighs of relief and working steadily to try and keep pace. These 'little gem' mini romaines are the pride of our lettuce crops. They are sizing up for harvest now, and we hope to bring these tasty and crisp delights to your salad bowls straight through those hot summer days of July and August.


Posted 6/8/2017

the first bite of our 2017 strawberries... we've been waiting, watching, and weeding these delights, and now they are here!
first taste of strawberries 2017first taste of strawberries 2017

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Slug on boot

Posted 5/14/2017

OK, last post highlighted a sunny afternoon, but the slug I found on my boot yesterday morning tells a more accurate tale of how little sun we've seen this spring. I've been practicing that little mind trick of looking for a 'sunnier side' to whatever the weather and other spring start-up challenges might bring, so in this case--at least the slug was not IN the boot.  Slug on bootSlug on boot

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Little 'Large Blacks'

Posted 5/4/2017

It was sunny and warm today for the little 'Large Black' piglets' first day exploring the grass and clover patches inside their electric fence training pen...
little 'large black' piglet on grasslittle 'large black' piglet on grass

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Join us at the Esquimalt Farmers Market-April 27!

Posted 4/25/2017

EFM announcement APRIL 27EFM announcement APRIL 27

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Welcome Berkshire-Blacks!

Posted 4/7/2017

We are enjoying the happy grunts of five, healthy Berkshire-Black piglets on the farm! Soon as they are out of the barn, most are snout-down rooting up some tall fescue. Spot here, seems just as curious about what I am up to as I am about whether she will be easily trained to the electric fencing ...
Berkshire-Black piglets day 1Berkshire-Black piglets day 1

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Completed bottom heat bench 2.0

Posted 3/20/2017

Two hours later, the second bottom-heat greenhouse bench was completely covered in zucchini and tomatoes to be.....First flats on the new hot bench!First flats on the new hot bench!

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Hot bench project for spring equinox

Posted 3/20/2017

Tools and 1"x2" board strips on 'unfinished' hot benchTools and 1"x2" board strips on 'unfinished' hot benchThough we are officially celebrating spring equinox this week, night time temperatures on the farm are continuing to dip down to 0C. Heat-loving annual vegetable starts are crowding the bottom-heated bench space in the propagation greenhouse. With the push officially on for sowing more and up-potting transplants that would move to the field in April and early May, I thought it was time to add a second hot bench. 

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March 4th--or march back?

Posted 3/5/2017

Yesterday and overnight, we experienced another dusting of snow here at the farm.On the morning of March 4th, the sun was shining, blue skies all around, and the ground and tree tips were just covered in snow. As I opened the barn-door 

rooster marching backrooster marching back

hatch for the chickens and heard the rooster proclaim the cock-a-doodle-day, I saw something a little too much like a ground hog day in reverse. Mr. Roo marched out, took one look at the snow, and headed back indoors. 















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