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Sungolds, step 2

Posted 4/9/2019

Here are the Sungold tomatoes, step 2.Sungolds step 2Sungolds step 2

I mentioned 'delayed gratification' in the last post, and thought it might be fun to track all the steps in that long wait from seeding to first tasting of that market favourite, Sungold tomatoes. Almost 3 weeks from seeding these in open flats, I separated the strongest and gave them room to grow in these 36 deep cell seedling trays. I'll be keeping an eye on these seedlings one-to-three times every day while they develop roots, and build another set or two of their distinctive leaves. What I'll be watching for and hoping to hit just right, is their irrigation cycle. Deciding just how much and when to water, depending on the temperature and amount of sunshine, can be pretty tricky. Tomatoes thrive in warm and dry, but when they are so young and shallow-rooted, there's not much room for error or absence when the sun peaks out for a run of afternoon hours. If the weather patterns are steady, that's one thing, but steady temperatures and precipitation are not usually predictable in these early spring days... hang on to your hats!