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Winterizing tasks on the farm

Posted 10/23/2017

Several farmers market friends and customers these last few weeks have been asking, "what do you do when the markets are over?", so thought I would add a posting that gives a sense of the winterizing activities outside of harvest-wash-pack time....So, here's a really glamorous picture of our irrigation pump on the tailgate of the truck. I've just removed the pump from the pump house as one part *very important* part of winterizing the irrigation system. Winterizing irrigation system Winterizing irrigation system

Last year I did not get this done, and that was a costly mistake on the heels of our much colder, wetter winter and spring 2016-17. Not sure if you can grasp from this picture alone my sense of triumph with actually being able to disassemble the pump with no further assistance from the guys at Baker Plumbing or Iritex Pumps and Irrigation, so here's a big shout out to both for helping me learn my way through what could have been a much more costly mistake. Thanks guys!