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Little large blacksLittle large blacks

We took a break from raising pigs in the pastures rotation in 2020. Instead, we focused on what we could feed on farm. That meant,with the exception of those feathery omnivores who provide us eggs, for this year, our pastured livestock mix was 'all-herbivore'.


Organically fed and pasture-raised pork 

We raise heritage large blacks on our 40 acre, certified organic farm. They rotate in marginal soils areas where we have a heavier presence of invasive plants, such as scotch broom. We do our very best to provide the five freedoms and a comfortable, even joyful life for them--as they provide daily joy and sustenance for our family and for many others. Our pigs are fed certified organic grains as the mainstay of their diet, and our own vegetables seconds for 'happiness' factor...