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Ahhh Solstice...

Posted 12/21/2020

Apropos the wet snow this Solstice morning, the cows are enjoying a little extra hay.

From all of us at Green Fire Farm: wishing you warm celebrations of light on this day and into the new year.Rita and Rosie solstice morningRita and Rosie solstice morning

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Buckets of rain bring buckets of summer+fall produce....

Posted 10/5/2020

Just in from a foggy Monday morning harvest, and I am amazed at what's still coming out of the fields this first week of October!

I loaded the tractor bucket/harvest lugs with summer squash and zucchini, pie pumpkins and winter squash, and some late cantaloupes and canary melons. This growing season has kept us on our toes in terms of wetter and cooler conditions for much of the front end, changed days-to-maturity, and spikes of hot, sunny days late into September.

Summer squash, pie pumpkins and winter squash, canary and cantaloupe melonsSummer squash, pie pumpkins and winter squash, canary and cantaloupe melons

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Join our summer harvest box/CSA program!

Posted 5/7/2020

Special shout-out for our Cowichan Valley, Cedar, and Nanaimo area neighbours! 

We still have space in our Sunday harvest box/Community Supported Agriculture programs for on-farm, Cedar Market, Salt Air, Yellow Point and south Nanaimo area home deliveries...let us bring the best of our farm fresh harvests to you.Sign up for the harvest box!Sign up for the harvest box!

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The promise of spring

Posted 3/27/2020

The Shiro plum blossoms opening here after a morning rain shower, were  enough to stop me in my tracks...We are one week into 'official' spring, and that burst of life from the warming soil, from the lengthening days, couldn't be more meaningful at this time.

With a daily newsbeat focused on our global health crisis, I am feeling especially lucky to begin again with all the spring farming practices--turning the soil, planting the peas, potatoes, carrots, and more.

Plum trees in bloom Plum trees in bloom

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Snow days

Posted 1/16/2020

Tuesday and Wednesday this week brought a thick, blanket of snow to the farm. Our 'frost-free' hydrant was not functioning with the below freezing temperatures, so carrying water buckets for the livestock became a regular way to burn-off some of the winter blahs. Thankfully that was only a temporary test. Some sunny breaks today, and slight increases in the temperature felt good.
Frozen pond and sun-lit Mt. PrevostFrozen pond and sun-lit Mt. Prevost

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