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Buckets of rain bring buckets of summer+fall produce....

Posted 10/5/2020

Just in from a foggy Monday morning harvest, and I am amazed at what's still coming out of the fields this first week of October!

I loaded the tractor bucket/harvest lugs with summer squash and zucchini, pie pumpkins and winter squash, and some late cantaloupes and canary melons. This growing season has kept us on our toes in terms of wetter and cooler conditions for much of the front end, changed days-to-maturity, and spikes of hot, sunny days late into September.

Summer squash, pie pumpkins and winter squash, canary and cantaloupe melonsSummer squash, pie pumpkins and winter squash, canary and cantaloupe melons

 One of the ways we are learning our ways through these changes, is with an active collaboration in on-farm research focused on climate change adaptation and best practices with soil-water management. We are one of more than a dozen farms participating in a multi-year study we've dubbed, 2M2L--or too much and too little, water that is. In the background of this photo, you can see happy cabbages, cauliflower, and a silage tarp, one of the tools and practices  for overwinter soil cover our team leads at Sean Smuckler's Sustainable Agricultural Landscape Lab is investigating.