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Walking, talking, and all that comes from life at a winter's pace...

Posted 1/4/2020

A sunny! New Year's day farm walk looking up to Mt. Prevost from the southwest edge of our farm fields. We've enjoyed time with family and friends this fall and through the holiday season, now recharged a ready for 2020. 
Looking up to Mt.Prevost New Year's Day 2020Looking up to Mt.Prevost New Year's Day 2020

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Time to give thanks!

Posted 10/10/2019

As the first fall frost covers the farm this morning, and the Thanksgiving weekend draws near, it is time to recognize all the hands who have worked so hard this growing season at Green Fire Farm.

Big shout out to the amazing 2019 field crew--Hannah, Monty, Jonah, and Doug! We are looking forward to seeing those future farms and farm linked, do-it-yourself enterprises that you hard working, creative types get underway in the seasons to come.... More behind the scenes, but no less important, I also want to say thanks for all the family support, patience, and perseverence. 

Pictured here are just a few of our family and farm crew, standing with our abundant market tables.

The goodwill and support that makes our farming business possible does not end with all the hands of the field crew, or the better heads and hearts in our farm family. Those market tables pictured, also represent many other dedicated staff, board members, and volunteers at the Esquimalt Farmers Market. Both the farmers markets we attend (Esquimalt and Cedar) from May-October rely on hundreds of hours, and many dozens of people who believe so strongly in a regional food system, that they stand behind it, literally in rain, wind, sun, setting up tables, signs, and putting down time and cash to make it happen. May all of your Thanksgiving dinner tables be blessed with delicious, farm fresh goodness!
Full farmers market tablesFull farmers market tables

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Christmas in JULY? Yup, Sungolds are ready!

Posted 7/15/2019

First harvests of the long-awaited Sungold Tomatoes this week! First Sungolds in handFirst Sungolds in hand

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Strawberries, peas, salad turnips, little gem lettuce, and the first taste of summer zucchini!

Posted 6/26/2019

Esquimalt MarketEsquimalt Market

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Sungolds, skipped a few steps....

Posted 6/10/2019

There are so many competing pulls on our farm time from April and into the longest days of June....Here are those Sungolds again, growing their first flowers and budding first fruits! We've pruned and supported these, given them daily attention with watering and nutrient needs, and like you, are watching and waiting for that first taste.Sungold Tomatoes, first flowers and budding fruits 2019!Sungold Tomatoes, first flowers and budding fruits 2019!

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